The former TDP minister and sitting MLA of Visakha North, Ganta Srinivasa Rao, filed his nomination in the Bheemili Assembly Constituency and is touring aggressively.

Recently, he was seen alongside Sribharat Mathukumilli, reminding people about YS Jagan’s rule over the last five years.

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Ganta stated, “Not even a single industry has stepped into Andhra Pradesh under YS Jagan’s administration. There hasn’t been a single development-related program that took place in AP. The lives of the youth would change if industries came to the state.”

“Chandrababu brought KIA to Anantapur, which created more than 10,000 jobs. You should think whether there has been any single investment in the state in the past five years.”

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“Jagan promised a job calendar every year and a DSC notification, but he only announced it two months before the elections. But, the Election Commission stopped that as well. Jagan lacks honesty. Think about this before voting for him,” Ganta added.