YSRCP Social Media

Andhra Pradesh Politics particularly YSR Congress Politics stoop to a new low on Monday. YSR Congress Social Media teams are circulating an old picture of Chandrababu Naidu getting treated in a hospital.

This picture is from the last year. YSR Congress added a famous hospital’s name and a specialist doctor’s name to the photo and are circulating it saying Chandrababu is getting treated for a life-threatening condition.

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A simple Google image search reveals the picture is from 2023. Even a look at the picture, we can easily say the hospital does not look like a World-famous hospital in the US and the doctor is clearly Indian.

This is simply disgusting Politics spreading Fake News about someone’s health condition. Politics should be only between ideologies but one should not stoop to this level.

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To retaliate against this, TDP cadre will do something similar and there is no end to this.

YSR Congress right from the cadre to the highest level of leadership has made Poltiics a dirty game in Andhra Pradesh. We already saw leaders make insulting comments on women and families. And now this dirty propaganda.

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If this campaign is some fringe elements in the Social Media teams, Sajjala Bhargav Reddy who leads them should give them some sense. If it is a planned campaign, then God save Andhra Pradesh.