Bandi Sanjay Son Bandi Sai Bhagiradh SlapsBJP state president Bandi Sanjay’s son’s un-parliamentary behavior on the campus of Anand Mahindra University behavior has got netizens into a frenzy. The boy, who is just a college student, is seen physically and verbally bullying another student in the video that has gone viral.

The language is, to say the least, ‘vulgar,’ and Sanjay’s son shows off his might by having a group of supporters sitting and watching the incident. In fact, another student is also seen coming forward and hitting the student, but Sanjay’s son sends him back and continues with his abuse.

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Many netizens have pointed fingers at Prime Minister Modi for giving orders to state BJP leaders to indulge in acts that would bring them to power. So, they are expressing shock, anger, and repulsion at the brutal behavior of Sanjay’s son.

After his son’s act has been caught on camera, it remains to be seen what action will be taken as no one wants such goondas ruling the state for sure, and neither does a prestigious institute like Anand Mahinda University want such rogue incidents in the future.

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We wonder what will be the condition of Telugu states if they come to power.

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