As the nation gears up for the Lok Sabha elections, the Election Commission strictly is enforcing surveillance as part of the election model code of conduct.

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During every election period, there is a huge amount of money caught and seized by officials during illegal transfers.

Even this time, the Election Commission officials have seized a record-breaking amount. Since March 1, the EC has confiscated approximately Rs. 4650 crores across the country, averaging Rs. 100 crores per day.

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Actually, the amount that is caught will always be a very small fraction. That can only give us an idea the cash flow that is happening in this election.

This marks the highest amount seized in the 75-year history of Lok Sabha elections in India. With the election season halfway through, we can expect more raids and money seizures in the coming days.

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In the meantime, the EC said that it caught approximately Rs. 32.15 crores in Andhra Pradesh. It is known that AP is going for both assembly and Lok Sabha elections at the same time.

The polling in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana will be held on May 23. The counting will be done and the results will be declared on June 4.