Coding NinjasIn what comes as a shock to the people of India, the famous ed-tech company Coding Ninjas is alleged to have locked up employees at their office. A 34-second video has gone viral showing a security guard chaining and locking the gates.

The incident has created a furor in the start-up world, and those who have watched the short clip are shocked, to say the least. One Twitter user said, “Nowhere else would anyone dare to pull off something like this.”

Coding Ninjas is an ed-tech company that offers coding and programming courses to students and professionals.

Meanwhile, following the video, co-founder of Coding Ninjas Ankush Singla issued a statement saying that the incident took place last week in their sales office. He said, “The doors got locked for 10-15 mins because of a misguided action by a sales leader. Nonetheless, a mistake which we profoundly regret.”

Singla further stated that it was a mistake that wouldn’t be repeated and assured that it was immediately rectified.