The time is drawing near for the announcement of the general election results. While the names of the candidates are locked in the EVMs, their fate will be revealed on June 4. The results will be announced in a sequence, starting with Amudalavalasa and concluding with Patapatnam constituencies.
Elections for the Srikakulam Parliament and eight assembly constituencies in the district were held on the 13th of this month. AP Assembly Speaker Tammineni Sitaram’s future reveal first in the district.

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The EVMs are securely stored at Shivani Engineering College in Etcherla. The vote counting will begin on June 4. According to the regulations, the counting of votes for constituencies with fewer polling centers will be done first. Amudalavalasa, having the least number of polling stations at 259, will have its EVMs opened first, with the results expected to be announced at 3 PM.

Following Amudalavalasa, the results for the Srikakulam constituency will be announced. Subsequently, the election results for Palasa, Ichchapuram, Narasannapet, and Etcherla constituencies will be revealed, likely around 4 PM.

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With more than 332 polling stations, Patapatnam will be the last constituency to have its results announced. The counting of votes for the Srikakulam Parliament constituency may extend until midnight.

The number of rounds for vote counting in each constituency are as follows:

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Amudalavalasa: 19 rounds
Patapatnam: 24 rounds
Ichchapuram: 22 rounds
Palasa: 21 rounds
Tekkali: 23 rounds
Srikakulam: 20 rounds
Etcherla: 23 rounds
Narasannapet: 21 rounds

These detailed preparations indicate a systematic approach to ensure the accurate and timely declaration of the election results in Srikakulam district.