YS Jagan

YSR Congress Party Candidates across the state are struggling due to mounting election expenses.

Jagan expenses are becoming more than the electioneering expenses. It is quite common for the candidates to spend a bomb to congregate and maintain people for their on-ground campaign in the election season.

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Since elections in Andhra Pradesh happen in harsh Summer, candidates are used to these high expenditures.

But YSR Congress candidates are struggling with Jagan’s expenses.

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Right from Siddham meetings to Memantha Siddham Bus Yatra, YSR Congress is focused on getting huge crowds to Jagan’s meetings.

Whenever a leader goes to a constituency, the expenses are related only to the local in charge and the local parliamentary in charge.

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But to get more crowds and drone shots, the YSR Congress brings people from neighboring districts as well. So, the burden is on the candidates for many seats.

This burden is becoming even unbearable for the candidates of the Godavari district.

The impact of the TDP and Janasena alliance is very high in these districts. Jagan is desperate to nullify the impact and is pressuring the candidates to bring more and more crowds to his meetings and Bus Yatra.

As a result, ‘Jagan Expenses’ are becoming more than the Electioneering Expenses of the candidates.

They are also worried that the crowds will only add to Jagan’s buildup and if they will not help them.

“It is too naive to think huge crowds will nullify the anti-incumbency on the government or the candidates themselves. People are too clever these days. As of today, the situation in Godavari districts is not so bright for YSR Congress,” a senior leader in East Godavari said on anonymity.