Harish Rao

In the aftermath of the Telangana assembly elections, a leading exit poll has set off a wave of anticipation and speculation, offering a sneak peek into the potential political scenario.

One standout revelation is the forecast that Minister Harish Rao is likely to secure the highest majority in Telangana.

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Harish Rao, contesting for the seventh consecutive time from Siddipet, stands as the party’s sole candidate to achieve this feat in the same Assembly constituency seven times.

His remarkable electoral journey began with a by-election win in 2004, continuing through six consecutive victories.

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Interestingly, his opponents in the past five elections not only lost but also forfeited their deposits. The latest exit polls suggest a repeat of this triumph for Harish Rao in the current Telangana elections.

Simultaneously, KTR, the driving force of the BRS party, is expected to clinch a significant majority in Sirisilla, reinforcing his influential role in Telangana politics. The potential success of TPCC chief Revanth Reddy in Kodangal could mark a substantial win for the Congress party.

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As Telangana eagerly awaits the official results, these exit poll predictions add an extra layer of excitement to the post-election discourse, keeping political enthusiasts and citizens on the edge of their seats.

The real drama unfolds during the ballot count, revealing the true victors in the intricate tapestry of Telangana’s political landscape.