Indian AmericanPeople getting murdered for insurance money is shown in many English and Hindi films. But it happened in real life and the victim is none other than an Indian American chef named Dominic Sarkar from California.

As per the news, Maria Moore, who was Dominic Sarkar’s partner got him murdered by a person named Marvel Salvant. She did all this for Dominic’s insurance money worth $ 800, 000. As she was the sole beneficiary of this insurance plan, she took the extreme step and got her partner murdered.

The Jurors of the Alameda County District Attorney’s Office in California convicted Maria Moore and Marvel Salvant of first-degree murder.

As per the details, Moore paid Salvant $500 less than a month before the October 2018 murder and also promised him a huge amount. A cell phone evidence showed Salvant going to Sarkar’s neighborhood and committing the ghastly crime. The sentencing is now set for March 9.