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Severe violence erupted in various places across Andhra Pradesh during and after the polling of the 2024 general elections. The authorities had to implement Section 144 in a few ares to bring the situation under control.

Meanwhile, it is reported that similar violent activities may erupt during the counting and after the announcement of results. The intelligence department informed the Election Commission that violent activities may happen the Kakinada city and Pithapuram regions.

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The intelligence department submitted a report to the EC stating that fights may erupt in Kakinada city and Pithapuram constituencies before and after the counting process. The police have focused especially on areas like Etimoga, Dummulapeta, and Ramakrishnaraopeta.

Strong vigilance has been put in place, and the police are surveilling people involved in feuds during past elections. Focus is also put on those with prior cases related to election-related fights.

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CRPF, CISF, APSP, and civil police forces are being deployed in these areas. Already, there have been clashes between YCP and TDP leaders in Kakinada during the polling last week, with cases filed against each other.

With the intelligence report, the EC has taken the situation in Pithapuram and Kakinada seriously and is trying to ensure a smooth counting process in these regions.

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