Is BJP Really Doing A Favor For Pawan Kalyan?AP BJP Leader Satyamurthy has made a crucial comment in the wake of speculations about Janasena looking at TDP for a possible alliance for 2024 elections.

“Only BJP has the commitment to make Pawan Kalyan the Chief Minister candidate. Other parties will never give him that opportunity,” he said.

What he said is absolutely right but it has been sugar-coated to hide the facts. Janasena is the major partner in the alliance and BJP is doing no favor by announcing Pawan Kalyan as the CM candidate.

BJP should stop imagine itself big and talk about giving opportunities to Pawan Kalyan. It is the other way around. It is Janasena which should throw its weight on BJP and push it to grab a couple of seats.

In such a scenario, it is Pawan Kalyan who should be calling shots and BJP should even not mention about accepting or not accepting Pawan Kalyan as the CM candidate.

It is as if Ramdas Athvale (zero seats in Lok Sabha and an NDA partner) announcing he has agreed Modi as the PM candidate.

Pawan Kalyan’s immediate problem is not someone agreeing him as the CM candidate. He needs support to become a formidable force in AP Politics which is not possible with BJP.