Just before the Andhra Pradesh elections, the Election Commission gave a shock to the Janasena party and the Opposition Alliance. Once again the confusion started over the Janasena’s Glass Tumbler Symbol.

The Jana Sena party’s Glass Tumbler was included in the list of free symbols. It is available in the list of symbols in all the 175 and 25 MP constituencies of Andhra Pradesh. Unless it is reversed, the decision taken by the Election Commission is likely to become a headache.

The Election Commission has released the details of recognized state parties in 26 states across the country. When it comes to Andhra Pradesh, YSRCP and TDP are in the list of recognized parties. MIM and BRS parties got recognition in Telangana.

Janasena is only stated as a registered party. Only Recognized parties have a common symbol. This glass symbol has been added to the free symbol list.

The Janasena Party is worried that if the symbol is changed at such a time, confusion will start among the people. The party’s legal team is already in consultation with the Election Commission.

Meanwhile, Janasena party says this is only a temporary problem. Even in Telangana elections, Janasena was allotted the common symbol and there is no way the Commission would reject the same for Andhra Pradesh.

While the media is talking about if Janasena will get the symbol in its seats, the actual problem is different.

But in Telangana, Glass Tumbler is a free symbol in the constituencies where Janasena is contesting. If that is the case in Andhra Pradesh, it may create new headaches in the seats where the TDP and BJP are contesting.

Ideally, the Election Commission should freeze the symbol in all the constituencies of Andhra Pradesh.