Junior NTR's Samanyayam To TDP & Jagan AP CM Jagan changing the name of NTR Health University after his father kicked a row in Andhra Pradesh. The move had invited criticism from leaders across all the parties and has become a Talking Point among the people as well.

Nandamuri Ramakrishna had given a condemnation statement on the behalf of the entire family. A section of people are questioning why Junior NTR is silent on this issue so far.

But then, NTR can not be blamed as he has been taking cautious stand regards to Politics. Jagan Mohan Reddy, a few months ago, named a district after NT Ramarao.

NTR should naturally appreciate the move but did not do it so that he does not trouble TDP politically. Now, he is not going to mess with the Ruling Party by criticizing the name change of the Health University.

This is a kind of Samanyayam for Jagan and TDP. The Cycle party should not expect anything more when it comes to NTR who is staying away from Politics.

In fact, NTR had tilted the scale in favor of TDP because he also condemned the behavior of YSR Congress leaders when they made cheap remarks on Chandrababu’s wife, Bhuvaneshwari.

It is cruel to expect NTR to go hard against a government known for its Vendetta politics for everything especially when he has zero stakes in Politics.