Kamma-Community-Gorantla-MadhavKamma Community was targeted repeatedly ever since YS Jagan Mohan Reddy came to power. The government has tried to alienate them socially and hit them financially and politically.

Neither the Kamma leaders in YSR Congress nor the community organization did not try to voice against this intentional oppression.

But things changed all of sudden from the last few days. MP Gorantla Madhav who was caught red-handed in a Vulgar Video Call scandal tried to escape making routine anti-Kamma allegations.

He has abused and accused the leaders of the community as the Conspirators and also abused the community as a whole.

While Kamma leaders in YSR Congress continued to remain silent, the community organizations across the state are protesting against the MP.

Even though the protests are not so intense, it is the first time they have spoken about the unreasonable bashing. The community people say the change has started and it is for good, they think.