Kodali Nani Jr NTRSuperstar Rajinikanth endorsing Chandrababu Naidu’s leadership for Andhra Pradesh did not go well with the Ruling Party. Usually, when some one endorses your opponent, you will decide if or not to attack based on the person’s profile.

For instance, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin attended the swearing-in ceremony of Jagan Mohan Reddy and talked a couple of good words about Jagan. TDP did not attack Stalin because he was not directly related to Andhra Pradesh politics.

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Rajinikanth did not say a word about Jagan’s administration.

But YSR Congress leaders are not sparing Rajinikanth too. A battalion of leaders has started attacking Rajinikanth since today morning.

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The worst language used among all is undoubtedly from Kodali Nani.

He used foulest words like – “నువ్వు తమిళనాడులో స్టార్ కావచ్చు ఏపీ మాత్రo నువ్వు సున్నా”, “చీకేసిన తాటికాయ ముఖం వేసుకొని వచ్చి సొల్లు కబుర్లు చెబితే వినేవాడు ఎవడు లేడు ఇక్కడ”, “మూడు రోజులు షూటింగ్, నాలుగు రోజులు హాస్పిటల్ రజనీకాంత్”, etc.

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You must be insensitive of the highest order to even mock Rajinikanth’s hospitalization.

TDP supporters have a word of advice for a section of Junior NTR fans who support Kodali Nani at times.

“This is an example of Kodali Nani‘s nature. If he can go hard on someone like Rajinikanth, he will pounce on Junior NTR and Harikrishna too if the actor comes in support of TDP. For sure, he will not spare NT Ramarao as well. That day will come for sure for his petty political gains,” they are warning.

With the choice of words in criticizing Rajinikanth, Kodali Nani is asserting it can happen too.

YSR Congress leaders can ignore Rajinikanth or condemn his statement using better words. But that is not how the party works.