Land Titling Act

The growing public opposition to the Land Title Act is posing a significant challenge for the YSRCP in the run-up to the AP General elections.

TDP President Chandrababu Naidu has been quick to capitalize on this sentiment during his campaign, using gestures like tearing passbooks with Jagan’s photo to rally support against the Act.

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CBN’s actions have resonated with farmers and the public, who see the Act as a threat to their lands and properties.

YS Jagan will forever regret printing his photo on land passbooks, as these are documents that every household considers precious and feels awkward seeing someone like Jagan or anyone for that matter.

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The YSRCP leaders, on the other hand, are facing mounting objections and discontent from the electorate, particularly in rural areas where the opposition to the Act is strongest.

Jagan’s attempts to address these concerns have been met with skepticism, with some perceiving his tone as desperate. His recent plea to the people not to believe the opposition’s words underscores the gravity of the situation for the YSRCP.

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The decision to engage with the party’s main leaders indicates a recognition within the YSRCP of the need to address the growing opposition to the Land Title Act. Failure to effectively manage this issue could have serious repercussions for the party’s electoral prospects.