Loan Apps Suicide Bomber For Students

Of late, we have been hearing countless cases of serious harassment done by loan apps which eventually result in the suicides of the concerned individuals. This has now become a suicide bomber of sorts for the student community.

Incidentally, in a shocking new development, Murikinti Vamsi, a final-year engineering student, tragically committed suicide by drowning in the Krishna River after having taken a loan of 10,000 rupees from a loan app without informing his family.

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The loan app representatives asked Vamsi to pay 1 lakh in return and he was petrified by this. In a distraught move, he decided to end his life as he was unable to bear the tormenting of the app representatives. His mortal remains were later found in the Krishna River.

This isn’t the first or second time something like this is happening. We are hearing repeated cases of such loan app harassment resulting in the suicides of concerned individuals.

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The modus operandi of certain apps is that they churn out loans without much hassle at first and this lures students and those in need of immediate financial help. Then starts the real story as the representatives of these apps start calling and harassing the loanees.

A few go a step too far and share the morphed pictures(which they collect from the social handles of the loanees) with their family members and friends. This often results in the loanee taking extreme measures out of embarrassment.

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Students are the easiest subjects for these apps as these students wouldn’t have much financial maturity when they’re young. Later, when these apps charge exorbitant prices, they will be in no position to clear the dues and eventually take drastic decisions, often suicide.

Perhaps it is time for the government of India to take stern measures to curb such incidents. Else, we will have to hear more and more such cases of harassment and suicides.