Jagan Mohan Reddy made a wrong move with Deputy CM Budi Muthyala Naidu which messed up two seats now – Madugula Assembly and Anakapalli Parliament.

Muthyala Naidu won twice from Madugula, an earlier bastion of the Telugu Desam Party.

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To take on BJP’s CM Ramesh, Jagan moved him from Madugula to the Anakapalli Parliament.

Both Ramesh and Muthyala Naidu are from the Koppula Velama caste. The community has around 4 lakh votes in Anakapalli out of approximately 15 lakh votes. Jagan thought the local factor would come in handy for Muthyala Naidu.

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The Kapu community which has 5 lakh votes in Anakapalli is very important now. CM Ramesh already has the advantage of having Janasena in the alliance. He proactively worked and got the support of Megastar Chiranjeevi to woo the Kapu community further.

Suddenly, Ramesh is at an advantage and the locals say he is heading towards a bumper majority now.

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It is not just the Anakapalli Parliament, Jagan also messed up the Madugula Assembly.

To convince Muthyala Naidu to go to Anakapalli, Jagan announced his daughter Anuradha as the candidate for Madugula.

But this brought a split in the family. Anuradha already filed her nomination. Muthyala Naidu’s son, Ravi is upset with this and is filing a nomination as independent demanding that he should get his father’s seat.

Ravi is reportedly upset with Muthyala Naidu and is not in favor of dropping from the race.

If he is not convinced to withdraw, the votes will get split and benefit Bandaru Satyanarayana Murthy, the TDP candidate.

Bandaru was air-dropped in the constituency after his Pendurthi seat was given to Janasena.

He will be smiling at the developments in the Rival camp. With one wrong decision, Jagan messed up two seats.