Media Watch: Sakshi Wants Undavalli But Only In Parts!Former MP Undavalli Arun Kumar has met the press in Rajamahendravaram the other day. He made several critical comments about the government regarding Polavaram.

He criticized that the work is not happening and he is certain that the project will not be complete in his lifetime. He also criticized YSR Congress for surrendering to the center and not asking for Polavaram or any bifurcation promises.

During the press meet, Undavalli also criticized Ramoji Rao on the Margadarshi case and TDP as how he always does.

Sakshi today published an article about Undavalli’s comments.

Undavalli spoke about Polavaram majorly and talked about the Margadarshi case on the sidelines. But Ramoji Rao’s topic has become the subject.

Sakshi only wrote two lines about Polavaram i.e., Undavalli demanding a white paper on the progress that happened in Chandrababu’s and YSR’s rules and about Undavalli mentioning Ambati Rambabu’s comment about Naidu being responsible for Diaphragm wall damage.

The portions of Undavalli criticizing the YSR Congress were completely edited out.