CPI-Narayana-Chiranjeevi-Fans-In a Press conference in Tirupati a few days ago, CPI Narayana has called Megastar Chiranjeevi as Chillara Beragaadu and the video has gone viral on social media.

Mega Fans have taken that seriously and launched a massive attack on Narayana. Mega Brother Nagababu also made critical attacks on Narayana via his Twitter account.

Someone had leaked Narayana’s phone number on social media and Mega Fans have shown hell to the Senior leader until he came before media and apologized.

Unarguably, Narayana had crossed line in making Personal comments on Chiranjeevi. But then, the reaction of the Mega Fans is also a surprise.

We have seen many YSR Congress leaders making even more critical comments on Pawan Kalyan but the fans stay mum.

They have reserved all their energy to some one feeble and politically less relevant like Narayana. Because communists are not in a position to retaliate. They can’t do the same with the Ruling Party leaders and get away.