Nara Lokesh YuvagalamTDP General Secretary Nara Lokesh has started his Historic Yuvagalam Padayatra from Kuppam. Huge number of Cadre, local people, party’s senior leaders and Father-in-law Balakrishna stood beside Lokesh as he took hid first step.

The 4000 Kilometres Padayatra will happen for 400 days and Lokesh will be the youngest in Telugu history to do a Padayatra and it is for the longest distance.

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The Padayatra happens smashing many myths. Due to the Propaganda on Lokesh over the years, the Padayatra is a big chance for him to clear all doubts and open his caliber.

Lokesh has modified the image in these three years smashing the Whatsapp Propaganda. People who met Lokesh is a far different man than he is perceived to be. This is a perfect opportunity for Lokesh to meet People directly and show that side to the people.

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Padayatra is a different stage altogether. It is not a Pressmeet or a Public meeting to try to be different but it actually portrays true self of any leader. So it is a perfect opportunity.

Also, the Ruling Party will get to talk about Lokesh continuously from now making him a leader.

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Also, the best part of Lokesh after 2019 is he is trying to come out of the long shadow of Chandrababu Naidu. He made sure his own mark in his transformation and Mangalagiri. And Chandrababu did not even attend the Padayatra starting ceremony today.

Also, the Padayatra can be a big gamechanger for TDP as well. There are visible signs of anti-incumbency on Jagan Mohan Reddy and with elections just 15 months to go, it will be TDP all over the media and the people until the election schedule is released.

Historically Padayatra is the best way for leaders to reach people. From YSR to Chandrababu and Jagan, Padayatra has sealed the elections. So the sentiment will also favor Lokesh as he takes the longest walkathon in Telugu history.