The Electronic Media Space in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana is very polarized ever since 2019.

The Top 2 Channels, TV9 and NTV were muzzled according to a plan changing the orientation of the media completely.

Just before the 2019 elections, MEIL along with My Home Group (Very close to KCR) picked up a nearly 80% stake in TV9, the then Number One Channel in Telugu, and made it a mouthpiece of BRS and YSR Congress.

MEIL owns 22.8% of NTV, the current Number one in Telugu News Channels, and My Home Group owns another 11%.

They lend support to both Governments using these channels and in return, they get the majority of contracts in both Telugu States.

TV9, in particular, has become the mouthpiece of BRS and YSR Congress.

But then, there is a change of guard in Telangana after the recent elections.

BRS is now in the Opposition while Congress has come to the Ruling. MEIL and My Home Group will be suffocated in days to come as the Government will make life difficult for them. There is a talk about judicial inquiry on the projects previously completed by them.

MEIL will come under scanner for Kaleshwaram Project which costed more than 80,000 Crore. My Home Group has many Real Estate projects in and around Hyderabad and they will be under Government scrutiny for possible violations.

It will be very interesting to see how they move forward. Usually, Media channels change guard easily when there is change of power.

But the complication here is that Congress should deal them differently if they want to settle scores with BRS once for all.

The Companies can lure the Congress with possible funding for 2024 General Election. In that case, Congress will have to chose between short-term benefit versus long-term political plan in Telangana. The next 3-4 months will give us an idea.