Navneet Kaur

BJP MP candidate from Amaravati, Navneet Kaur Rana, who was once seen in Telugu films like Jagapati, Ranam, and Yamadonga, has delivered a blow to BJP cadres in the build-up to the coming election.

Navneet, who is contesting on the BJP MP ticket this term has spoken with her cadres and commented that there is no Modi wave in the coming election and it is essential for the grassroots-level leaders to work hard on their own. She commented that there was a Modi wave in 2019 but there is nothing as such in this year’s election.

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Being a BJP candidate herself, this comment from the heroine-turned-MP has left the local BJP leaders shocked.

Earlier, Navneet won as an independent from Amaravati by receiving support from the NCP but later moved to the BJP. Her latest comment on the Modi wave has now caught the attention as the country is heading for polls in a month from now.

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