Jagan-Jagga-ReddyYS Jagan’s 3 capitals proposal is one of the most talked about topics in the Telugu states. Now, veteran Telangana politician Jagga Reddy has taken a slight dig at Jagan over the three capitals proposal.

“There’s the three capitals move in Andhra Pradesh. Maybe Jagan should focus on making AP into three states rather than building three capitals. If he makes it three states, he can rule one while Vijayamma and Sharmila can rule the other two,” Jagga Reddy said.

The seasoned politician added that Sharmila is too eager to become the chief minister and it would be of great help if Jagan divides AP into three parts and gives her one state to rule.

This sly dig is aimed at both Jagan and Sharmila. Jagga Reddy, who was once very close to the YSR family is now coming down heavily on the very same family and it is taking everyone by surprise.

A couple of days ago, Jagga Reddy had stated that there was no sign of pain or agony on Jagan’s face after the demise of YSR and he was solely focused on the CM seat. Now, he has mocked the YS family using the three capitals move.