Land Titling Act played a crucial in the victory of TDP+. Chandrababu unleashed the weapon in the last fifteen days of the campaign and people became aware of the horrors of the Act.

They felt their lands were unsafe due to the Act and overwhelmingly voted for TDP and its allies.

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The pictures of Jagan on the Passbooks and Survey Stones added to their doubts.

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu took immediate remedial steps.

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The Chief Minister ordered to stop the distribution of the Passbooks with Jagan’s photos.

Each Passbook costs Sixty Rupees to the State Exchequer and there are Thousands of books are already printed.

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The pictures of Jagan are bigger than the landowner on the Passbooks.

The Chief Minister is yet to decide about what to do with the Passbooks that are already distributed to the farmers.

There are Lakhs of Survey Stones lying in the Granite Industries with Jagan’s photo engraved. The stones will be painted to mask the photo and the name of the landowner will be written on them.

The same is likely to be the case with the Survey Stones that are already in the fields.

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister is yet to take a decision about the re-survey of the lands.