Pawan Kalyan Narasapuram YS Jagan TollywoodThe much-talked about Pawan Kalyan’s Narasapuram Public meeting passed off without fireworks. The meeting comes just four days before the release of Bheemla Nayak and any comment could have easily flared up the intolerant Chief Minister.

Pawan Kalyan did not totally let go Jagan. He made many comments but connected them to the controversial G.O. 217 affecting fishermen community.

We have seen him indirectly mentioning how Jagan creates a problem and later want praises for solving it (Ticket Prices issue). But, in the end of the comment he connects this fisherman issue.

He also questioned if one has to bend before the Chief Minister even for no mistake of them (Chiranjeevi). Even though these comments were intended towards that incident, he ensured that the G.O. topic is appended somewhere.

Pawan Kalyan who usually goes all guns firing at Public meeting was responsible this time considering all those involved in the trade of Bheemla Nayak. It is just not about Bheemla Nayak, we have seen the entire industry suffer due to the CM’s unreasonable power display mixing politics and films.

Now, we will have to see what happens tomorrow in Hyderabad at Bheemla Nayak Pre-release event. Having said that, we are in times those in power can become restless even with this speech. If that happens, God save the state!