Pawan-Kalyan-JanasenaJanasena President Pawan Kalyan has attended a public meeting in support of the workers agitating against the Privatization of the Steel Plant in Vishakapatnam. During his address at the meeting, a few fans have shouted ‘Powerstar’ slogans which irritated him.

“Stop shouting. Don’t call me Powerstar. Increase your brain a bit. I am here to address some important issues. Please cooperate. How can you laugh when people are dying?,” Pawan Kalyan fired on fans. This is not the first time Pawan Kalyan has fired on fans on the same topic.

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On one occasion, he even said, “You shout for me and come to my meetings but vote for Jagan”. Pawan Kalyan will be certainly disappointed with the behavior of fans but fandom is as such. But the responses he gives in return are like insulting the fans and also himself.

One does not know if his responses and comments are making the fans disciplined. But they are certainly becoming meme material on social media. Even politicians are trolling Pawan Kalyan with his comments. So, his outrage will definitely not help him. Fans are the biggest strength of Pawan Kalyan and Janasena. Sometimes, the strengths do have a degree of weaknesses as well.

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They should be accepted as is. Pawan Kalyan should stop firing on fans in public and should explore ways if possible to discipline them in some other ways.