Is-Pawan-Kalyan-Playing-Hand-In-Glove-with-Narendra-ModiJanasena President Pawan Kalyan Seems To Be Playing His Cards close to his Chest. It is evident that he is taking on the ruling Telugu Desam Party and is not divulging anything further. As Enemy’s Enemy turns into a friend, YSR Congress and Mudragada Padmanabham extended an olive branch to the Janasenani.

Forget about reaching to them, Pawan Kalyan did not even acknowledge their support in his fight against TDP and the so-called Yellow Media. At the same time, he is not taking on BJP as much as one would want to and that makes his stance on BJP murkier.

It is a fact that an alliance with Janasena will help any party to some extent but then, all the parties are not sure about what is playing in Pawan Kalyan’s mind at this moment. Even though Janasena is closely moving with Communists, we are told that they are not guaranteed about an alliance.