Dadisetty_Raja_Pawan_KalayanYCP leaders are known for their strange and unwitty allegations against their political opponents. Here’s one such instance involving YCP minister Dadisetty Raja and Pawan Kalyan.

In his latest media briefing today, Dadisetty made a very serious allegation against Pawan Kalyan.

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“We are hearing that Pawan Kalyan is involved in an international hawala. For the last 2-3 months, there have been reports that he had been laundering Rs 1800 crore to Poland. The center apparently has proofs of Pawan’s hawala business” the minister said.

This is a pretty serious allegation to make without any proof backing it up. This comes hours after Pawan breathed fire on YCP, calling them out over poor administration. Netizens are commenting that the minister’s statements are a mere attempt to divert the topic.

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Another YCP bigwig, Ambati Rambabu called for another media meet and he compared Jagan to an elephant and Pawan to a dog. “While elephants like Jagan walk on the roads, it is common for dogs like Pawan to bark at him.” Ambati stated.