Pawan_Kalyan_unstoppable_with_NBK_Season_2The second episode of Unstoppable with Pawan Kalyan is more interesting than the first part. This part deals more with politics and the camaraderie between Pawan and Balakrishna remained a highlight.

With the speculations about an alliance between TDP and Janasena, this combination has become an eyesore for Blue media and YSR Congress’s social media wings. They have started maligning the show and also the intention.

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“This episode is a conspiracy by the TDP. It attempts to showcase Pawan Kalyan as incompetent and ill-informed while being nice to him. It is better for Pawan Kalyan to talk less as he exposes his lack of understanding about life and politics,” they summarize the episode.

They are quoting about the mental struggle Pawan Kalyan went through during his student days and how he failed in education. They are also pointing at Pawan Kalyan talking about depression and suicidal tendencies in the episode.

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But then, this kind of analysis is nothing but the incompetence of Blue media.

This is not the first time Pawan Kalyan speaking about depression and suicidal tendencies in his student days. In fact, depression and suicidal tendencies are not symbols of the weak.

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What matters is how Pawan Kalyan overcame all of them and became one of the most popular stars in the Telugu States.

Pawan Kalyan never tried to hide his failure in education and the inhibitions he had in those days. People will never have a wrong impression of Pawan Kalyan with things that happened more than two decades ago.

Pawan Kalyan’s political future is all about his present. Moreover Unstoppable is a show belonging to Allu Aravind’s OTT platform. It is silly TDP can dictate terms to Aravind or Pawan Kalyan is so innocent to overlook that if something like that happens.