Former YCP Macharla MLA Pinnelli Ramakrishna Reddy was arrested recently for smashing EVM and VVPAT machines at the Palvaigate polling booth on polling day. Later, he physically attacked TDP agent Namboori Seshagiri Rao, who attempted to stop him.

The next day, Pinnelli and his brother Venkatarami Reddy incited violence in Karampudi town and also assaulted Circle Inspector Narayanaswami.

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Recently, another case was filed against Pinnelli concerning this incident. With the court’s permission, Palnadu district’s Gurajala DSP Srinivasa Rao questioned Pinnelli in Nellore jail on Monday.

Shockingly, Pinnelli denied all these allegations and claimed he did not even visit the Palvaigate polling booth. Ironically, there is video evidence of his attack at the polling booth.

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In the police investigation, Pinnelli stated that he did not go to the Palvaigate polling booth, did not smash EVM machines, did not know who Namboori Seshagiri Rao was, and did not have gunmen on the polling day.

Initially, DSP Rao and his 11-member team went to Nellore Jail to question Pinnelli. However, the jail officials did not allow them.

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Thus, DSP Rao went to the court and sought permission. Only seven members were allowed to question Pinnelli.

The investigation began at 3:30 pm on Monday and continued until 7:00 pm. Out of 50 questions asked, Pinnelli gave negative answers to more than 30.