Polavaram: Jagan Passes The Buck To Next Govt!YS Jagan Mohan Reddy made tall claims about Polavaram‘s completion while in the Opposition. Immediately after coming to power, the contractor who was doing effective work was shown the door out in the name of Reverse tendering.

Since then, the woes have begun for the project. The project completion date kept on extending with not even 10% of the total work completed in three years.

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In a meeting with Central departments on Thursday, the irrigation department officials proposed June 2024 deadline for the project.

The state assembly elections will happen in March – April of 2024 and that means the project will not be completed in the current term of Jagan.

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If the current pace of work is any indication, the project will not be complete even by then. Central Government is also sitting on the latest estimations which are creating a funds crunch for the project.

Whatever funds the center gives, the state government diverts them to freebies distribution defeating the purpose of the project.

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