Ambati-Ramabau-Polavaram-Project-Pawan-Kalyan-MarriagesThe Andhra Pradesh politics are continuing to hit all-time lows every now and again. This time around, it is YCP’s Ambati Rambabu who made an unnecessarily offensive comment on Pawan Kalyan.

Earlier, JanaSena shared a tweet, asking Ambati to speak about the status of Polavaram project for half an hour. This appears to have irked Ambati and here’s what he had in reply.

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“It is my responsibility to get Pawan Kalyan married for the fourth time” Ambati tweeted as he replied to JanaSena’s post about Polavaram.

“They asked about Polavaram project. What is even the need to comment about Pawan Kalyan’s marital life? How can Polavaram project be related to his fourth marriage? Why can’t a cabinet minister speak about a burning topic without mentioning the personal life of his opponent?” netizens comment.

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