Posani Krishna MuraliPosani Krishnamurali is regarded as one of the indecent orators in YSRCP and he has the habit of abusing Pawan Kalyan, Chandrababu, Lokesh, and all of YCP’s supporters.

Now, in a new development, a police case has been filed against Pawan Kalyan at Rajahmundry One Town police station.

Local JanaSena leaders went to the police station to complaint about Posani’s comments on Pawan Kalyan. He called Pawan an adopted son of CBN and added that Brahmani and Bhuvaneshwari iced Pawan Kalyan and managed to bring him to ally with TDP.

After the police reportedly refused to take up the case, the JanaSena troops approached the court and they managed to find justice here. The court ordered the police to file a case against Posani for his wild comments on Pawan Kalyan.

The police then filed a case under multiple sections on Posani and he is set to face legal action for his act.

Incidentally, there is already a case against Posani at Rajahmundry court for abusing Pawan Kalyan. This is the second such case against him now.