Elections 2024

Elections and the electoral process in India have evolved significantly since the first election’s inception. Earlier, election strategies were made with the help of local leaders. However, the current generation witnessed a massive transformation in the process.

Today, the election strategy is populated by professional strategists and their agencies, guiding parties in crafting meticulous strategies tailored to each constituency.

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When one thinks of election strategists in India, the name that often comes to our mind is Prashant Kishor, who emerged as a prominent figure in the country’s political landscape.

Kishor started Citizens for Accountable Governance in 2013, which later evolved into the Indian Political Action Committee (I-PAC) in 2015. During his tenure with I-PAC, Kishor made various election strategies for multiple parties. He played a pivotal role in shaping Modi’s image during the 2014 elections.

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Another notable personality in the field of election strategy is Sunil Kanugolu. He initially worked for the BJP in several states. But now, he is the main strategist for the Congress party. He played a key role in securing victories for the Congress in Telangana and Karnataka.

Partha Prathim Das, the founder of Chanakya firm, and Tushar Panchal, the founder of Room Strategies, are other popular election strategists in the country.

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In the past, political strategists used to operate behind closed doors. However, after Prashant Kishor’s era, they have become as the front faces of a party’s political campaign. As a result, they are able to get more clients.

Generally, these strategists and their agencies start their work for a leader or party approximately 6-7 months before the elections. They collect data right from the booth stage. They examine what’s the pulse in every booth. They conduct surveys under various categories in every village.

They study the needs of people and explain leader what promises he should make. They plan his campaign and speeches too. They use social media as a primary tool to build the brand of a party or a leader.

On the whole, a political strategy firm takes up the responsibility of overseeing every aspect of a party or leader’s electoral campaign.

Reportedly, around 60 parties across the nation have assigned political strategy firms for the upcoming elections.