Postal Ballots

The polling in Andhra Pradesh ended a couple of weeks ago, and the counting for the Indian General Elections 2024 is nearing. The counting will be held on June 4.

As per the rules, the counting process will begin with the postal ballot counting, followed by the EVM counting.

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In a big move providing relief to opposition parties regarding the postal ballot counting, the Election Commission decided to consider votes valid even if there is no seal on the ballot paper signed by the Returning Officer.

The Chief Electoral Officer stated that the validity of the postal ballot papers is not dependent on the sign or seal of the Returning Officer. He instructed the officers to only check if the votes were properly cast on the postal ballots.

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The CEO stated that the seal and signature of the Returning Officer on the back of the Postal Ballot are his responsibility, and the signature of the Gazetted Officer of the Facilitation Center is also the responsibility of the concerned authorities.

The CEO issued these instructions to electoral officers across all districts and asked the officials to pass on this information to all returning officers, counting staff, and supervisors. They were also advised to conduct training classes for all the staff if necessary.

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