Prashant Kishor Nithish Kumar Narendra Modi defeat bihar pollsCampaigning in the right way is the key to success is what Mr.Prashant Kishor, the media advisor of Nithish Kumar proved in the recent elections of Bihar leading Bihar CM Nithish Kumar to a thumping victory giving him the chair of Chief Minister for the third consecutive term.

Prashant Kishor is the same man who was behind Modi’s victory earlier, for 2012 Gujarat Assembly elections and 2014 general elections. His media approach and campaigning strategies successfully portrayed Modi as the face of good governance in India. Now the same man is behind the defeat of Modi in Bihar.

It wasn’t an easy task to cumber the negative talk a ruling party had garnered during its tenure. But by asking people the feedback on the government’s performance with ‘Parcha Pe Charcha’, Prashant turned the negative into positive. How did he do that? How was he responsible for ‘The Grand Alliance’s score of 178 seats to a roaring majority?

To counter Modi and his team’s whirlwind tours on helicopters, he used ‘Har Ghar Dastak’ knocking at every voter’s door and connecting with the voters at personal level. Mr.Prashanth Kishor works with a team of young professionals who along with him make plans for the success of the party they are working with. Nithish Kumar indeed has a capable media adviser!