Ex-IPAC chief Prashant Kishor is resonant with YS Jagan’s winning campaign in 2019 as he designed the election campaign of YCP in the polls. However, the very same PK has now categorically explained the downfall of YS Jagan as he took part in a political conclave with a national media outlet.

“Andhra Pradesh is a mid-income state. In such conditions, Jagan’s Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) schemes are not viable, maybe they work in the low-income states where the majority of the population is in rural areas. But in states like AP, over 50% of the population has urbanized and they want a stable growth engine.”

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“But Jagan is solely relying on catering to the masses through DBT schemes. He is not just leaving away 50% of the urbanized crowd but also neglecting the crucial growth and prosperity factor. This is detrimental for a state like AP.” PK revealed.

“Jagan is speaking about class war. You can take this class war route in Bihar but not in Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and AP where the people want urbanization, jobs, infrastructure, and other amenities. Jagan is not proactive on this front as he has put all his eggs in one basket and that is the masses. It is impossible for him to come back”.

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When asked if Chandrababu has put a strong enough face against Jagan, PK replied “In two-parties system in the political landscape, one party doesn’t always need to be superior, it can benefit from the ruling party’s failures. The notion that Jagan Reddy is too strong to take on is not factual. If he sits in his palace and thinks giving money to everybody is his job, he is bound to fail.”

My gut is telling me that Jagan is not losing, he is losing big tomorrow, PK concluded.

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