Ramoji Rao’s Eenadu and ETV did a monumental contribution to Telugu language. It is the only media house which stresses on the importance of speaking pure Telugu without mixing English like how we see in all other Newspapers and TV Channels.

Eenadu and ETV always avoid the commonly used English words like Cell Phone, Internet, etc even though they are popular. Ramoji Rao always insisted on using the Telugu words even if they are not used at all.

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“తెలియకపోతే ఇప్పుడు తెలుసుకుంటారయ్యా రాయండి,” he used to tell his staff.

The News Presenters in ETV are always dressed in Sarees while other News Channels make Anchors wear Modern dresses to appeal to Young audiences.

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The reporting is also devoid of sensationalism and shouting. News is delivered without plainly without Masala.

There are scores of people who watch ETV News at 9 PM every night and stay updated completely.

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Ramoji Rao set himself some rules and abided by then even though that has impacted TRPs of his channels.

Also, Eenadu and ETV do not run after ‘First News’. If a News is published in Eenadu, then it is credible and there is no culture of publishing Fake News and apologizing later.

Ramoji Rao was the first to bring District Edition papers to Eenadu. Until then, the News is mostly what happens in Hyderabad and important towns of Erstwhile Andhra Pradesh.

From that day to till date, Eenadu maintains the largest fleet of reporters from Cities to the remote villages and that is the reason for Eenadu’s penetration.