Ratings-News-ChannelsBARC released the Ratings of News Channels pertaining to Week 38. TV9 is in the Number One position leading over NTV by a very small margin of 0.3 GRPs.

This is the second week on a trot, TV9 is leading the Telugu News Channels. In Week 37, it was leading NTB with 0.4 GRPs.

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Week 37 is the week Chandrababu Naidu was arrested and that is naturally a very important week for News Channels.

TV9 increased its ratings from 70.9 (Week 36) to 82.9 in Week 37 and slid to 82.5 in Week 38.

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At the same time, NTV increased its rating from 77.2 (Week 36) to 82.5 (Week 37) and decreased to 82.2 in Week 38.

It is important to note that the Net gain of TV9 during this Sensational episode is greater than the Net Gain of NTV during the Same Period. That means the general public prefers to watch TV9 more during that time.

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NTV has improved so much and is consistently at Number One spot but then, it should figure out ways to be the first preference of the public during such important occasions as well.