Hema Skips Questioning

Popular actress Hema was one of the accused in the recent Bengaluru rave party case. The city police have already confirmed Hema’s involvement in the party and also stated that her blood samples tested positive for drug consumption.

Immediately, City Crime Branch police sent notices to Hema and asked her to attend the interrogation today. Hema, along with seven others, were supposed to attend the questioning today.

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However, Hema skipped the interrogation and wrote a letter to the police seeking some more time, citing that she is suffering from viral fever. Meanwhile, it is heard that the police may re-send her notices very soon.

The Bengaluru police busted a rave party at a farmhouse in the Electronic City last week. Hema was also named as one of the attendees of that event. A significant amount of drugs, including cocaine and MDMA, were seized at the event.

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However, the actress released a video on social media stating that she was chilling at her farmhouse and hadn’t attended any rave party in Bengaluru.

Within a day, the police confirmed her involvement and her flight tickets to Bengaluru also surfaced on social media. CCB notices were sent to her and she was asked to attend the interrogation.

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Meanwhile, with Hema skipping the questioning today, netizens believe she has come up with another “story” to evade the police.