Renovated Yadagirigutta Temple Open To Public With Many AttractionsTelangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao‘s ambitious project, Yadadri is reopened for the public starting today. Yadagirigutta, the famous Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple is now renovated and has improved facilities.

Originally a case shrine, the renovated temple is now a 17-acre, three-story temple with seven gopurams. The new temple has been built around the 1,000-year-old shrine without disturbing or altering it.

The ancient temple is not touched in the construction. The Swayambhu (the original temple grounds) and Garbhugudi (the main temple) are as they are and the new constructions have come around them in accordance with Agama Sastra.

KCR wants it to develop on the lines of Tirumala in Andhra Pradesh.

The temple also has many improved facilities for pilgrims – from QR-enabled tickets to free shuttle services to inclusive queue lines, and much more.

Just like Tirumala, there is an automated and mechanized prasadam production unit atop the hill.

Traditional construction methods without the use of cement were used for the temple. Lime and Krishnashila rocks were used. Anand Sai who worked for many Tollywood films is the Chief architect of this project.

More than 2,000 sculptors and thousands of workers have been involved in the reconstruction work.

CM KCR and his family conducted the Maha Kumbha Samprokshana ceremony before reopening the temple to the public.

The project has been at a cost of Rs 1,280 crore over the past five years. It will have a Temple board and an IAS officer supervising the operations just like TTD.