Kiraak RP

In Andhra Pradesh, the political buzz is getting hotter as Tollywood stars jump into the fray. Popular film and TV personalities are throwing their support behind Pawan Kalyan and his Janasena Party. Especially, comedians from the popular show ‘Jabardasth’ are campaigning for Pawan Kalyan in Pithapuram in a big way.

This caused some heat when Roja, a judge on the same show, openly criticized these comedians, calling them small-time artists who work for money. She suggested they’re only supporting Pawan Kalyan because they’re afraid of losing their jobs in the industry.

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In response, Kiraak RP didn’t hold back in his criticism of Roja. He questioned her achievements and hinted that she couldn’t match the talents of these comedians.

He said, “If Roja respects us, we’ll respect her. Has she won any Oscars? Can she even do skits like Getup Srinu, Hyper Aadi, or Sudigali Sudheer? The first seat to lose in the state is Roja.”

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“If we’re all small artists, what does that make Roja? Is she a National Award winner? Did she win 10 National Awards and 10 Oscars? If you’re so brave, can you even perform one character like Getup Srinu?”

“Sudheer became a film hero with his charisma through magic shows. He has 10 times more followers than you. Can you even compete with him? Hyper Adi changed the history of Jabardasth.”

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“Roja will be the first to lose. She won’t even recover her deposit. June 4 will teach her a lesson.”