Janasena leader Bolisetty Srinivas

A few Janasena party members and supporters have been constantly expressing dissatisfaction over the limited seat allocation to the party as a part of its alliance with the TDP.

Meanwhile, senior Janasena leader Bolisetty Srinivas spoke about the unrealistic expectations of JSP supporters, offering them a reality check.

He expressed his frustration over getting numerous calls about fewer seat allocations. He said, “People are telling me we should contest from all 175 seats. Do we have the funds for that? If so, please send them. We’re ready to contest.”

“No one gives money. No one comes to support us. No one is supporting the party financially, yet they question our choices,” he added.

Srinivas stressed that there is nothing wrong in questioning but it should be done rightfully. He said that the party has been sacrificing for the better future of the next generation and not for their personal gain.