People of Andhra Pradesh gave YS Jagan Mohan Reddy a stunning mandate in 2019 by electing him with 151 seats. However, the same people reduced his party to just 11 seats in 2024.

All he did was engage in caste politics and neglect the state, leaving it without a capital. There was a massive debate about the poor condition of roads in the state, but Jagan never cared, firmly believing that his button nokkudu would keep him in power.

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Yesterday, a commoner posted a video of YS Jagan’s Tadepalli house in Guntur district. The video went sensationally viral as people were shocked by the beautification and high standards of the road leading to his house.

Social media is buzzing with discussions about how Jagan neglected the state’s roads while maintaining his own, which had been off-limits to the public for five years, now exposed only because he lost power.

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More shockingly, the iron grills around the house are causing further astonishment, with people repeatedly watching the video and posting countless comments.

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