Congress-Sonia-GandhiOn the occasion of Telangana National Integration Day, the Congress party made a significant impact with a grand rally in Tukkuguda, Hyderabad.

During the rally, Sonia Gandhi, former Congress Chief, unveiled six key guarantees to the people of Telangana for the upcoming assembly elections, expressing the party’s commitment to fulfilling them.

The six promises made by Sonia Gandhi to the people of Telangana are as follows:

  1. Mahalakshmi Scheme: Women in Telangana will receive a monthly financial aid of Rs. 2,000. They will also have access to cooking gas cylinders priced at Rs. 500 and free travel on TSRC buses across the state.
  2. Rythu Bharosa: Farmers will receive Rs. 15,000 as crop investment assistance, while agricultural laborers will receive Rs. 12,000 in assistance. Additionally, a bonus of Rs. 500 will be granted for each quintal of paddy crop.
  3. Grihajyoti: Households will receive free electricity for up to 200 units.
  4. Indiramma Houses: Homeless individuals will receive Rs. 5 lakh in aid for the construction of houses, and families of activists will be allotted 250 sq. yards of land.
  5. Youth Development: Students will benefit from a Rs. 5 lakh education insurance card, and Telangana International Schools will be established in every Mandal.
  6. Pension Support: A monthly pension of Rs. 4,000 will be provided, and the Rajiv Arogyasree Bima scheme will offer coverage up to 10 lakhs.

Sonia Gandhi called upon the people of Telangana to support the Congress in the upcoming assembly and Lok Sabha elections, emphasizing their commitment to reviving the dream of a ‘Bangaaru’ (golden) Telangana, where resources, water, and employment are accessible to all.