ABN RK Jagan

Police have made progress in the case of a stone attack on CM Jagan. The SIT has detained five youths.

It is reported that the suspects are in the custody of the CCS police. They are believed to be youths from Ajit Singh Nagar Vaddera Colony in Vijayawada. The videos taken by the locals helped the police to identify them.

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ABN is saying that the accused is a young man named Satish.

YSR Congress leaders reportedly promised him 350 Rupees and a Quarter liquor bottle for coming to Jagan’s Roadshow.

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But then, only the liquor bottle was given and the organizer disappeared without paying the money.

Felt deceived and angry, Satish hurled the stone at Jagan.

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This version of the story may not be made official because it would be a shame for the YSR Congress to bring people to Jagan’s Roadshows by paying people and giving them liquor.

But after the arrest, the family members are likely to come out and reveal the truth.

Meanwhile, it is clear that the political conspiracy theories YSR Congress leaders cooked to blame Chandrababu Naidu and gain sympathy during the election season are all fake.