Suriya Jai Bhim Repeats In A Telangana Police StationThe world has opened its eyes to Police Brutality with Suriya’s Direct-to-OTT release, Jai Bhim which was released on Amazon Prime Video a few days ago. People could not believe if police will be really like that. Some people say it may have been the case in the bygone days but things have changed a lot these days.

But then, according to a report in Sakshi, a similar incident has happened in Telangana. The incident took place in the Suryapeta district on Wednesday when a tribal youth was severely tortured by the police for not admitting a crime he has not committed. The young man was made to do a wall chair. The young man was made to drink his own urine.

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Atmakuru (S) Police are been widely criticized for their brutal behavior. Multiple thefts have happened in the police station limits but the police could not grab the criminal. Police identified one person on CCTV and arrested another person Veerashekar on suspicion. Veerashekar was subjected to custodial violence. The accused claim that Police offered to release him after one week if he admits to doing the crime.

The accused’s brother claims that Rajasekhar was unconscious in the station when he went. “I pleaded them to release him but they did not,” he said. Suryapet DSP has started an investigation into the allegation and will submit the report to district SP in a couple of days for further action.

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