TDP YSRCP JanasenaA survey done by one organization to know the people’s pulse after TDP President Chandrababu’s illegal dentention in Prakasam district. Even though Jana Sena President Pawan Kalyan announced alliance with TDP, survey has conducted separately. Ultimately, the arrest of Chandrababu Naidu is having a favorable impact on the TDP and may affect the YSRCP in the district.

As per the survey reports, TDP is predicted to win in 8 Assembly segments in Prakasam district. YSRCP is expected to secure victory in the Yerragondapalem and Chirala constituencies. Kandukur and Giddalur are anticipated to witness tough electoral battles between YSRCP and TDP.

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Jana Sena received the highest support with a maximum of 9% of votes in the Chirala segment. As per the survey results Gottipaati Ravi from Addanki is going to won over YSRCP nominee with huge margin in the district. In the Addanki constituency, the survey suggests that Gottipaati Ravi, representing TDP, is likely to win by a significant margin over the YSRCP candidate.

Assembly YSRCP TDP Jana Sena

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Ongole 40% 50% 8%

Kondepi (SC) 43% 52% 3%

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Kandukur 49% 48% 2%

Kanigiri 46% 50% 2%

Giddalur 45% 46% 7%

Markapur 45% 49% 2%

Yerrakondapaalem (SC) 49% 45% 2%

Darsi 44% 47% 7 %

Santanoothapadu(SC) 44% 51% 3%

Addanki 41% 54% 2%

Parchur 44% 51% 4%

Chirala 48% 41% 9%