TDP Flag YSRCP Flags fansRayalaseema is a shocker in 2019 elections for Telugu Desam Party. Out of the total 52 constituencies in the area, the cycle party managed to win only three. One is of Former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu himself and the other is Balakrishna.

In a recent survey of the party, there are some healthy signs of revival, insiders say. The revival is starting from Anantapur which is the stronghold of Telugu Desam Party since its inception but shockingly got only one seat in 2019 elections.

There are Fourteen constituencies in the district. Sources say that the party is looking at a minimum of eight sureshot seats if elections happen right now. There is neck to neck in three more. If the leaders are activated in these six constituencies, TDP will hit 10-12 minimum, the party feels.

However, the leaders in other districts of Rayalaseema are still not active fearing Vendetta politics by the Government. Chandrababu is considering serious changes in the next 3-4 months to rejuvenate the party in the area.

In 2024, it is important for Telugu Desam Party to cut the majority of YSR Congress in Rayalaseema to have the hopes of coming to power. If Rayalaseema is breached, Coastal Andhra should not be difficult if the present mood is considered.